I don't believe your opinion of this land we reside on is too spicy at all. The entitlement and arrogance of people when involving others can be alarming. I understand this takes place no matter the location in this world. But based on your experience, getting yelled at for a request you made based on a service 'offered' seems entirely out of place by the driver screaming at you. How difficult would it be for them to simply turn the music off? And simply sit still for the duration of the ride they're getting PAID for. Their responses sounds often rooted in ego. Hence the gentlemans need to have to spite you and retaliate by turning the music on full volume. The woman screaming at you is defending her car as if you're stating that the vehicle is yours and disputing that. No, you're simply asking for them to honor the service issued by the third party that they're "WORKING" for. As you put it 'serving'. Quite incredible that many people respond like they're incapable of swallowing pride or biting their tongue like they haven't learned the necessary skills before. Like they haven't had countless opportunities - before your ride - to learn from similar circumstances. Unbelievable, but this is the world we live in - a creation of our own making sadly.

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The funny thing is this just happened again yesterday.

I entered another Uber and the driver was blasting music which I asked to be turned off and she said no.

I give up.

Some people just don’t want to actually do the job they were paid to do.

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I hear you loud and clear on the topic, unfortunately to many people it's only a means of collecting that paystub. Nothing more.

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