Infinity Stones

A list of dreams I want to make reality.

Inspired by Emmanuel Quartey’s page tracking his goals.

If I write a post that’s relevant to these dreams, I’ll link it here as a status update.

If you’d like to talk to me about helping or even just sharing ideas to make any of these a reality, please reach out.


  • Dreaming - I’m still thinking about it often, fantasising about what life would be like if it were real, but not yet doing anything about it.

  • Awake - I am gathering information about what may be required to make this dream a reality. Cobbling together a hazy plan.

  • Acting - a plan is in place and I am actively working on realising the dream.

  • Alive - It is finished, and a new world is born.

💎 Regain my Health

🚦 - Acting

I have faced a series of chronic health challenges ever since the pandemic began, which I still don’t know whether they are related or unrelated to COVID-19. Officially, I never caught COVID, and I was vaccinated with the two dose Moderna vaccine in 2021, but my health problems started in late 2020, so if you’re a vaccine conspiracy nut, don’t worry, the primary suspect here, if any, is COVID itself or possibly even long COVID. At the time there was so much debate about whether asymptomatic cases were even possible, but I can’t rule out that I may have had an asymptomatic case, and now am suffering from Long Covid, but on the other hand, it could also be that my health issues are completely unrelated to the pandemic entirely, and it’s just coincidence of timing.

Either way, I need to get to the bottom of what exactly is the problem, and most importantly, I need to get well ASAPtually.

💎 Build a Family Home

🚦 - Dreaming

I want to build a multi-generational family compound that will be the seat of my family for hopefully at least ten generations to come, and last if not a thousand years, then at least half a century.

💎 Become a Professionally Trained Artist

🚦 - Acting

For years I’ve been telling myself that when I have enough money, enough time, enough something, that sometime in the hazy future, I would fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a professional artist (the drawing and painting kind, not the Afrobeats kind), and that the first step towards that would be to go to art school.

I knew I wasn’t getting any closer to that goal so over Thanksgiving, I bit the bullet and applied, and I started classes in January.